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What we do

We are crafters who produce Functional Art from Wood, Art Glass and Solid Surface media.

Our goal is to make beautiful things that also serve a functional purpose. Art that you can enjoy as you use it.

Of course we will also produce art that you can enjoy by simply putting it on display.

What we don't do is mass produce our art.

And, as the name of our company suggests, we do Customized art. If you have an idea for someting you'd like, drop us an e-mail and we'll see what we can do for you.

Our Media


Entwined Hearts plaque two become one

Tail gate table with csu rams carved into itWood is the traditional and mainstay medium for our creations. We especially love carving in Cherry wood. It creates an elegant piece, its sleek feel, deep colors and grain make it a timeless addition that you will never tire of touching and seeing.

The Rams on the left is a 24 x 44 inch tail-gate table top carved in pine.


The heart plaque on the right is carved in cherry and measures a slightly smaller 9 x 12 inches. Below is a 48 x 6 inch cherry Mantel breastboard.



Deer Mantel carved breast board



Art Glass

Artisans have been making things from Glass for centuries. We haven't been doing it for that long but we do produce beautiful functional art from Fused Glass by shaping it, and from fusing powdered glass onto solid glass panels to form glass images. Below are some examples of serving boards consisting of a glass cutting panel with a powdered glass image fused into it combined with a carved cherry or maple serving tray which also has a carved image themed to the artwork on the glass.






Porch light shown on with eagle lithophane

Porch light shown off

Corian® is the other material we love to carve. Most people only think of it for beautiful and expensive kitchen counters, but we have found a more unique and equally beautiful use for this amazing material.

We take advantage of the translucent properties of thinner sheets of white CorianĀ® and transform them into 3-dimensional images that are carved into the material and come to life when they are backlit.

The lantern on the left is unlit, the others are shown lit.


Ram lithophane shown lit


Our Corian® carvings reproduce the "lithophane effect" which is an art form popular in the early to mid 1800's. The word is taken from Greek, meaning "light from stone". This is because early lithophanes were made from porcelain which was poured into molds carved from bees wax, then fired. The finished product was a porcelain plaque with the molded image on it. They appeared plain and featureless until they were backlit by a candle. Then WOW! They projected highly detailed 3-dimensional scenes or pictures that popped right out at you.

Click here on "LITHOPHANE" for an in-depth and very interesting look at the art form.


Mere 2 dimensional photographs and monitor images can't really do justice to these incredible images, but take our word for it, you won't be disappointed.


Thanks to modern technology we can produce a customized lithophane much more inexpensively and quicker than the old method without losing the effect.